Hi! My name is Caitlyn, and I’m obsessed with the internet.

I live on social media, I work two jobs (fast food + retail) to support my makeup addiction, and I am a dog mom to the most perfect dog on the planet. (this is her and she is an angel)


I like to think I’m funny but everyone around me might disagree.

I’m a journalism student at Carleton University, with a minor in Communications & Media Studies. I LOVE music, I sleep 23 hours a day, and my friends call me Red – its the hair. I’d describe myself as a super passionate individual, and my biggest passions are writing, beauty, and lifestyle. Why not combine all of these things into a blog?

Here you can find style and beauty tips, lifestyle shizz, and a general guide to stumbling through life – written by someone who is also stumbling through life.

Thanks for hanging out!