Power Trip

Honestly, I’m a super firm believer in the phrase “look good, feel good.”

If I go out into the world looking like I just woke up from a 5 hour nap (which I probably did), I’m less likely to have a killer day. It’s just science.

How I dress and do my makeup and everything varries from day to day and how I’m feeling, but the vibe I gravitate towards most is “powerful boss bitch who will literally destroy anyone in her way.”

Here’s what I do when I want to feel like my most confident, badass self:

1. A bold lip

red or dark or whatever the hell I’m feeling that day, nothing helps you feel better than a bold ass lip.

This is my current favourite red lip, and here’s my current favourite vampy option (hint: I wrote a blog post on it, you can read that here!)

2. Jewelry

If I want to feel put together and powerful, I layer on some necklaces and stack a few rings up, or maybe swap out my normal studs for hoops or one of those cool ass earrings that comes down kinda and hugs your hear, you know what I mean? what are those called? Can I say I’m even a lifestyle blogger if I don’t know what those are called?

3. Wear black

It just makes everything seem cooler. Its science, probably.

4. Winged liner

nothing says “I will cut you” quite like a sharp ass winged liner. also science. This is my favourite eyeliner and I will defend it until I either 1. die or 2. stop doing winged eyeliner, so probably the first option.

Those are my best tips to go out into the world looking like your most confident and badass self!

Other tips include, but are not limited to: killer shoes, make sure your nails are done, think that you’re a badass even if you totally cried because the guy from the bachelor gave the WRONG blonde white girl a rose.

what are your confidence!

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