a #mood

okay so remember when I did my fav albums of 2017 post? I’ve decided I want to start writing about music more. So every month, I’m gonna make a spotify playlist of all the songs I’ve been digging for the month, and I’ll post it here. Prob gonna keep posting them around the middle of the month and updating the playlist as I find new songs to add to it and stuff.

Sound good? Hope so cause I’m gonna do it anyways.

I’ve been listening to a ton of pop this month – both old songs and new. Favs from this playlist are Forgetting All About You – Phoebe Ryan ft blackbear, Pretend You’re Missing Me – Betty Who, All I Wanna Do (DJ Mike D Mix) – DEV, and Hamptons – Transviolet

Of course I love all the songs bUT yeah. Anyways here’s the playlist babes


Are there any songs you think I should add to it? What are some of your fav songs right now?

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