So Weird But So Worth It

So, the other day I was just casually walking around the makeup aisle at a Rexall. As I do, I just kinda wander around makeup sections or Sephora if I have time to kill, to see if there’s anything new I wanna grab to test out for you, my dear readers. Why do you feed into my bad habits???? Couldn’t I have chosen a less expensive hobby?????

AnYWAYS, I found one. This foundation was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Mine’s already kinda janky, so here’s a stock image:

revlon foundation pic.jpg

The sponge is built right in there, and you twist the foundation up from the bottom and apply it like a stick, but the sponge blends it out as you apply.

I’ve been using it every day for about a week and I think it’s fascinating, really. And kinda genius?

I mean, at first I was kinda worried the sponge would just soak up all the product, right? but so does a beauty blender???? so????????????

One issue that I have with the sponge is that its kinda hard to blend out around/on my nose so i end up just dotting it there and blending with my beauty blender.

The formula is awesome – light to medium coverage, but I haven’t tried to build it up yet. I’m someone who usually wears a full face of makeup, and this is perfect for my every day foundation.

Shade range could use some work, though. I got the lightest shade (I’m literally a ginger, are you surprised?) and It’s a bit too dark on me in some lighting, which is really annoying. and it’s no better on the deep end of the spectrum. The darkest shade is actually really light, and I’m kinda surprised – I thought Rihanna changed that with her Fenty Beauty line, like you’d think that every other brand would be able to make the same shade range, especially a makeup giant like Revlon.

Who’s CEO of Revlon? I just wanna talk.


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