Hella Self Care 2.0 

Right after Christmas, I got sick.


Going with my ongoing theme of treating my damn self even when I don’t really deserve it, I decided to make a face/hair mask, mostly because the avocado I had was too ripe to eat but I had to use it.

Both the hair and face mask use the same ingredients, so, you don’t really have an excuse here.


1. Half an avocado

2. 3 tbsp coconut oil, melted

3. One egg yolk

Mix that ish up. Throw it in ya hair. I sectioned mine into two parts and then put it in space buns. Chill out for 30 minutes and then wash and condition your hair as usual

Face mask

1. Half an avocado

2. 1 tbsp coconut oil, melted

3. One egg white

See how we used the whole egg and the whole avocado? I think they call that “efficiency,” but do with it what you will.

I mixed this all up and stuck it on my face, also for half an hour, and I put the rest in a Tupperware container in the fridge. When my roommates come home after the holidays and they try to eat it thinking it’s guac, I’ll try to film it. It’ll be hilarious.

I had a nice lil bubble bath, drank some coffee because it was 11 am when I tried this and even I’m not savage enough to have wine before noon on a casual Saturday, watched some Scream Queens, and pretended that my throat didn’t feel like I was swallowing razor blades.

Happy treat-yo-selling, babes! Xx

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