I Wasn’t Ready, Y’all.

Let me tell you – I was SO excited to try this lipstick out. I swatched it and the swatches stayed on my hand for literally like 4 days???? So I was stoked.

I ran out of  my favourite drugstore bold lip (it was this one if you’re curious) so I figured it was time to try something new – picked this bad boy up from Walmart and I was good to go.

So FIRST AND FOREMOST the application was hell in a handbasket. Idk if it was because I put on lip balm beforehand or what, but when I smacked my lips together (there’s no way to word that nicely – you know what I mean) it just got really like …. yucky? idk how else to describe it. Application on the bottom lip was perfect but I had a really hard time getting the lines sharp on my top lip. I drove home, almost died like twice because I practically live in the north pole, and then when I got home it was smudged like, everywhere.

HOWEVER. this ended up being the real deal. Like, the really real deal.

As soon as everything kinda chilled out and settled in it was awesome. If I could superlike a lipstick, I would do that here.

It dried down to be not COMPLETELY matte, but kinda like a demi matte. It was super comfortable to wear and it didn’t dry out my lips like most long wear lipsticks do, plus it didn’t get that really gross residue on the inside of my lips – you know what I’m talking about. I hate that stuff. 

Colour is awesome, and the lady who rang me through at Ardene complimented it. And honestly… it held up through a smoothie, a ton of “christmas” dinner leftovers, like 23 Italian style meatballs, and 4 shortbread cookies. Yes, actually. (Update: after the initial writing of this post it also held up perfectly through more cookies, chips and salsa, and a few cans of pop.) (I’m on vacation kinda (does visiting your parents for a few days count as vacation?) let me live. I’ll start eating like a human again when I go back to Ottawa.)

Here’s a pic of the lipstick after I sufficiently hated myself because I ate so many meatballs:


is my face looking its best? no. Do I ever need to eat anything again? Probably not, I think I just consumed enough calories to sustain me for a while. Is the lipstick holding up super well? yeah.

Overall I’d give this a 4.5/5. Application sucked so I had to knock some points, but it lasted SO WELL. its still on as I sit here typing this. Should I get this lipstick in every colour? I’ll let you know if I can get the funds for that but I probably will anyways.

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