Writing Things Down Makes You Accountable, Right?

Okay so, 2017 is almost over. Like, by the time this post goes live, it will be new years eve. Where has the time gone?

Was it a generally trash year for pretty much everyone? yeah. Was it mostly okay for me personally? I mean, I guess. There’s a lot of things I would change about this year, but there’s also a lot of things that I think were awesome and went super well. Maybe I’ll post a 2017 reflection post or whatever. Idk.

I’m s u c h a sucker for the new year.

If you know me personally, I’ve probably proudly showed you my bullet journal at least 97 times – my bullet journal is my baby, it’s my pride and joy. I love planning. I love Sundays and I love mornings and I love the new year because it means a fresh start  – which means I get to fake feeling productive for a few months.

Here’s what I want to accomplish in the new year – even if I’m spending 14 hours on NYE on a bus ride to my hometown. How’s that for a glamorous end to 2017?

1. Try new things

I’ve really gotten into a sort of comfortable rut lately. It’s been a while since I’ve tried a new weird food or broken my routine in any way (and you KNOW how important my routines are to me…)

2. Hold myself more accountable

One of the biggest struggles I have with my depression is that I have no motivation to do anything most of the time – this means my schoolwork slips through the cracks, and that’s why you’ll notice that I sometimes go long periods without posting on this blog – it’s not that I don’t want to, I just don’t have the energy – and I just kinda roll with it, because I know that it’s not REALLY my fault and it’s totally the fault of my broken brain. That’s not how you adult, friends. That’s how stuff piles up until it’s unmanageable.

3. Speaking of accountability…

I want to post on this blog more regularly. Something that I’ve also always been kinda interested in is making YouTube videos, so that might be a goal I try to achieve in 2018 – but that’s kinda a backburner goal. This blog is my main focus (other than school, obvi) going into 2018.

4. Be better with my money

Y’ALL. you know that “broke student/starving artist” trope? It is SO. DAMN. REAL. I’m really trigger happy with my debit and credit cards and I’m starting to dig my own grave here (just kidding, funerals cost thousands of dollars and I have like $0.17)

Really, my main goals for 2018 are to be happier, be more productive, and try to get rich.

Isn’t that what we all want? Fingers crossed I can make it happen.

What are your goals and resolutions heading into 2018?

Happy New Year, babes. 2017 was the year I really kicked off my blog and got my voice onto a more public platform, and you guys, my readers, have been nothing short of amazing and supportive.

Here’s to an even more killer 2018 with more glitter, more Chanel Oberlin minus the serial killers, and more jäger bombs.




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