Cait’s First Capital Christmas

This is gonna be more of a sappy and heartfelt post than one of my chill and funny ones. Sorry about it.

So, this is the first Christmas I’ve spent without my family, 10 hours away from them.

I wasn’t able to get Christmas Eve or Boxing Day off, because working retail is a fresh level of hell, but my roommate/bff Calista couldn’t get it off either (shoutout to you girl, I know ur reading) so her family came to spend Christmas with us in Ottawa and made me their third child for the second time since I’ve known her (also love her family)

Being away from my parents, and especially my sisters, was really hard. Christmas just isn’t the same without your family around. That being said, Cals family is awesome and made this Christmas pretty spectacular.

With all that aside, here’s what I learned on my first Christmas on my own:

1. Home is whatever you make it

My home is now and always will be my actual hometown. But today I felt so at home here in Ottawa that as much as I missed my family, it wasn’t soul wrenching. I’ve started calling Ottawa “Home” and I think feeling so at ease in this city really helped with the whole ‘not being with my family’ thing.

2. Embrace change

I was so upset that I wouldn’t be eating my baba’s (grandma’s) Christmas breakfast and I wouldn’t be eating turkey dinner at Auntie J’s on Christmas Eve – but Calista’s family introduced me to the power of Christmas morning mimosas (I’m usually a rum chata in coffee kinda gal for Christmas morning)

3. Allow yourself to experience new things

I COULD have spent my entire day sulking and crying because I miss my family. Instead, I spent my Christmas evening skating on the rink at Parliament Hill and showing Calista’s family some of Ottawa’s hidden gems. It was different, but it was nice.

4. The sheer power of FaceTime

I FaceTimed my sister while my family was opening the presents at my grandparents house this morning, and seeing everyone and talking to them (somewhat) face to face was really therapeutic and incredible.
I don’t know if it was the 7 mimosas I had before 2 pm or if it was the joy of the season, but all things considered I had a really good Christmas. I only cried like twice and that’s when I was wine drunk on Christmas Eve before we played board games together.

I’ve never felt more loved and accepted into someone else’s family – thank you, Davis family, for making me feel like one of your own – and for the bottle of wine I unwrapped this morning.

Happy holidays babes. Thanks for all your support this year 💕 May your days be merry and bright and May all your christmasses be full of wine and cookies ☺️😘

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