Merry LITmas

Well kiddos, that’s it.

I’m officially on Christmas break, which means that all I’ve done other than work is watch Harry Potter and sleep for a disgusting amount of time. There’s still a few people with exams left, and for them I just wish to say: I’m sorry your life sucks so much.

ANYWAYS, to help get me in the holiday spirit, because I’m unable to actually go home for Christmas this year (damn you, retail employment!), here’s the songs that have been getting me in the ChRiStMaS sPiRiT (and here’s the link to my Christmas Spotify Playlist, so we can get Merry together, or you can just listen here:)

1. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays – Issues

This is from the Punk Goes Christmas album – surprise, I’m actually obsessed with pop punk music! Woah~!~!~!!!

2. Fool’s Holiday – All Time Low

Also from the Punk Goes Christmas album. I love All Time Low more than I love myself.

3. Coldest Winter – Pentatonix


4. All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

because I have ears, thanks.

5. Winter Wonderland/Here Comes Santa Claus – Snoop Dogg / Anna Kendrick

From Pitch Perfect 2. You know the one. It’s actually a legitimate bop.

6. Little Drummer Boy – Justin Bieber

I used to be a HARDCORE Belieber. I know, crazy, right? either way this song never fails to get me turnt right the hell up.

7. Fa La La – Justin Bieber

This whole Christmas album was unreal. Thanks.

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