Exam Szn Blues

Across the nation, you can hear the defeated cries of university students, who haven’t slept in 3 days and have been studying using nothing but black coffee and adderall to sustain them for a month.

Hang in there, kids. By the time this post goes up, there will only be 7 days left in exam season (for my school, at least.) – and that means you (probably) mostly pulled through.

But what if you definitely took the L on most of your exams (I don’t mean to throw any shade, but, uh, @ me) ? How do you pull through and secure a dub on the next few? Are any readers who aren’t millennials even sure of what I just said? Who knows.

Here’s how I like to make sure I make the most out of my 12 hour library stays during exam season:

1. Get comfy

I haven’t worn a proper pair of pants in 2 weeks. My school is connected by underground tunnels, so since I dont have to go outside I also havent work shoes in 2 weeks. I’m doing well.

2. Take Breaks

I like to go by song lengths. So if I feel like I’ve gotten enough done, I’ll take a quick insta break for 2-3 songs.

3. Stay Hydrated

I know all you’ve been drinking is coffee and energy drinks. Don’t lie to me. Get some water in you.

4. Stretch a little

Idk about you, but I always sit on chairs with my legs crossed for hours at a time, and then when I try to stand up I feel like I’m 107 years old. Get up, go for a quick walk (to the airport. get on a plane. dont come back.)

5. Chill TF out

honestly, I know we all cram the day before the exam – I do it too, guilty as charged. BUT if you’re freaking out you’re not gonna retain any information. Deep breaths. Chill. Even if you fail this exam it’s not the end of the world.


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