How To Fix Ur Life So Ur Skin Gets Better

Hey there… come here often?

my blog has been on a killer skincare kick lately so I figured I’d wrap that up with a post about face mapping.

Basically, your skin acts up for a multitude of reasons, and one of those reasons could be what’s going on with your body. Like, you could have just lost the skin lottery, or maybe you have a hormone disorder that causes your skin to flare up (such as PCOS), or maybe you’re like me and you have pretty good skin most of the time but you also have disgustingly self-destructive lifestyle habits that show on your skin (should I have had 4 vodka sodas on a Tuesday night? Probably not. Did I do it anyway? Absolutely.)

So pretty much, where your breakouts occur on your face are an indicator of the possible reason you might be getting some flare ups, and by addressing those issues, you can probably sort your skin out as well.

Upper forehead: Digestive issues

When I went through my KILLER breakouts at the beginning of the school year, they were ALL on my forehead. Breakouts here usually mean that you’re having some problems with your digestive system, or that you’re super stressed. Maybe eat a vegetable once in a while.

Between brows: Liver

I know they say that red wine is good for your heart and all, but really, did you need to pop the cork on that second bottle? Chill.

Temples/Around the eyes: Kidneys

I don’t know anything about how to sort out your kidneys. Do I seem like a doctor to you? Am I the kind of person you would come to for actual medical advice? I hope not.

Nose: Heart

See above in case you were considering consulting me for medical advice. ^ maybe hit a treadmill or something to get your cardio on. idk.

Cheeks: Respiratory system

Those cigarettes you smoke when you’re 9 shots deep waiting for your uber outside of the club aren’t helping you much. Acne here can also be from your pillowcase or cellphone, so maybe do a load of laundry and stop talking on the phone and start texting, its 2017, not 1987.

Around the mouth: Hormones

Are you on the pill? Did you know that, in addition to making sure you don’t reproduce at the tender age of 19, it also helps balance your hormones?

Lower chin: Stomach/intestines

Maybe eat a real meal once in a while, and not just handfuls of goldfish crackers when you’re waiting for Netflix to play your next episode because you’re too lazy to click the play button.



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