Treat Yo Self

So, something that I’m super super super open about and talk about often is my struggle with mental health, and how I try to combat the problems that arise from that.

Something that my doctor (hey Dr. Riley, if you’re reading this, ily girl) stressed is the importance of routine and making sure that I keep a routine going so I don’t let myself slip through the cracks and I’m taking care of myself. Idk about you guys, but when I start slipping, I can tell because I just kinda stop taking care of myself, so she stressed that I have a solid routine and stick to it. And she’s like, super super right. It’s almost like she went to school for 12 years and knows what she’s talking about, or something.

Apart from me being super extra and high maintenance, which I am, I think self care is probably one of the most important things you can do.

Every Sunday night, I get pretty extra with my nighttime routine, just because I feel like it helps me get rid of the week behind me and prepare for the week ahead.  Super cliche, I know, but like…. whatever, can I live?

(ps, if you guys like this post, I’ll make one for my regular nighttime and morning routines!)


1. Shower

duh. I’m a nighttime shower kinda person, so I do this first. sometimes I do a deep conditioner and run a nice bubble bath while I let that soak into my hair, and then I shower it out after! I also make sure to wash my hair and shave, cause, ya know. (I wash my hair twice a week but shower every day, so like… yeah. anyways. I always wash it on Sundays tho.)

2. Haircare/skincare

I generally just put coconut oil in my ends of my hair, and do my regular skincare, + I do my brows and dermaplane my face on Sundays. I don’t trust anyone with my brows so I just do them myself. (I did a whole post on dermaplaning back in the summer, check it out here!) Once my hair is dry, I like to either just brush it out and put it in braids or straighten it, so that when I wake up in the morning all I really have to do is touch it up and get rid of my cowlick! (yes, I have a cowlick. Thanks.)

3. Body care

I honestly just cover my entire body in body butter/lotion and call it a day.

4. Chill tf out

This is where I kick back with a nice glass of wine water, maybe a lil snack, and watch something on Netflix – usually Friends, or if I haven’t been caught up, I keep up with the Kardashians. Maybe paint my nails, maybe try to get some writing done, idk.

Pretty basic stuff, but its super zen or whatever if  you’re buzzin off the wine and you light a candle and you play some sweet tunes.

Take care of yourselves, huns! Talk to you soon. ❤




3 thoughts on “Treat Yo Self

  1. Love this post, so glad I came across your blog. I’d love to hear about the other routines, i struggle with mental health too and taking the time out for a bit of self care is definitely so important & routines help me so much too! x


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