When You Can’t See But You Still Wanna Slay

So, essentially, I’m blind as a bat.

Like, actually. Ask any of my friends.

Until recently, I wore contacts almost every day – that is, until I got frames that I actually like to wear.

Now I wear my glasses much more than I wear my contacts – I feel like they make me look cool or something, idk.

SO BASICALLY here’s my tips for how to make sure your face still looks bomb when half of it is covered by metal and glass πŸ™‚

1. Bold Brows

I always make my brows a little darker and a little sharper when I’m wearing my glasses – it makes them frame the frames better!

2. Nose contour

if I’m wearing my specs I always always always contour my nose. This could be just a preference thing – I like to contour my nose most days anyways – but I definitely make the contour a little more defined so my nose doesn’t get lost behind my frames

3. Lashes

If you read my most recent post about how to get killer lashes, this is for you – try to focus more on volume than length. If your lashes are too long, they’ll hit the glass!

4. Liner

I try to make my liner a little more thick and rounded, and my wings shorter and less elongated when I’m wearing my glasses. This makes my eyes appear rounder and really makes them stand out behind the frames!

5. Bold lip

One of my favourite looks to do with my glasses is a dark lip and super simple eyes – I think the glasses make the lip pop even more!

heres a look from my insta that kinda takes all of these tips and puts em together:

There you have it folks, tips for when you wanna rock some specs but you dont know how! I’ve needed glasses since like, grade 7, so I’ve had some practice doing makeup for them – the hardest part is getting close enough to the mirror because I can’t see without my glasses πŸ™‚ one of life’s biggest struggles.

Do you wear glasses to see or just for fun? What are your favourite looks to do with your glasses?


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