Big Lashes For When Falsies Just Seem Like The Most Effort You Could Possibly Put In To Anything Ever.

There is nothing in this life that I love more than big lashes

Ok, maybe KJ Apa. But ridiculously hot gingers aside, I love me some good spider lashes.

My problem, dear readers, is that I’m too broke to get extensions, and I don’t have the time or patience to put on falsies every morning (if you have the aforementioned time and patience, dm me, tell me your secrets.)

SO here’s what I do to make my lil ginger lashes actually stand out, because if I don’t put an entire tube of mascara on them they disappear into the void.

First, I curl. I know there’s a ton of horror stories about people chopping off their lashes with these torture devices, but no pain, no gain. It’s like Russian Roulette every morning.

You can heat up your lash curler for a bit with a hairdryer if you want, but even I’m not that extra, and that’s saying something.

Hold the lash curler at the base of your lashes for a bit, and then angle that sucker so its pretty much at a 90 degree angle into your eyeball.

I told you, no pain, no gain. All or nothing.

Choosing the right mascara is key. I’ve tried the entire Maybelline Lash Sensational line, and I love it all, but the new one, Curvitude, is hands down my favourite. The formula is kinda dry, which means you can build that sucker up for ages without it getting clumpy. Plus, the brush isn’t as big, which means you don’t get those ugly black mascara smudges all over the eyeshadow that you just spent 20 minutes blending out. I put mascara on the back side of my lashes too, to give them a ton of volume, and brush in towards my nose, for the same reason.

This mascara is pretty good at not clumping up, but if you get some issues in that department, just use a clean spoolie and brush it through your lashes – this will help separate them as well as remove any excess product. I bought a pack of disposable spoolies to use on my clients, and they were pretty cheap – I use them for pretty much anything you can think of – but if you really wanna go broke n boujee style, you can just clean off the wand from an old tube of mascara. Make sure you REALLY clean it though or you can give yourself an eye infection, which, as the great Paris Hilton would say, is not hot.


Finally, curl again – be really gentle this time, or else your lashes will bend at a 90 degree angle and it looks ridiculous.

If you want to REALLY go all out, dust some baby powder on your lashes between coats of mascara – it gives the mascara something to cling onto and makes you look like you’re wearing Kim Chi level falsies (okay, nobody can be as fabulous as Kim Chi, but whatever, you can try.)

Be hella gentle when you take off your makeup, and condition your lashes every night using either coconut oil or castor oil along your lashline, and on a spoolie to brush through your lashes. You can also try a lash growth serum, likeΒ Latisse, or a Khloe Kardashian-approved supplement for hair and nails. This’ll keep your natural lashes long and healthy, so you don’t have to do that much to make them look good.

There ya go, my sweet little angel pies, how to make your lashes sky high without gluing tiny hairs to your face.

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