I’m A Mess and My Life’s a Mess: Here’s My New Skincare Routine

Okay so BASICALLY, as you can tell by how inactive I’ve been, my life is on that classic downward spiral that every college/university student goes through of intense irresponsibility and neglect.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’d know I’m a FAN of the Clean and Clear 3 step system. Recently, I swapped out the cleanser, though I still use the astringent and moisturizer.

My skin has always been really good, just a few blemishes here and there, but the past few months I’ve developed full blown acne. Could it be the fact that I often pass out without doing proper skincare at night, I eat like trash, I drink too often, or the fact that I generally neglect washing my makeup brushes or changing my pillowcase? Absolutely not, it must be because I’m cursed, like Stanley Yelnats in Holes. (Remember that movie? My god, do I ever love Shia LaBeouf.)


So the other day when I was at Shoppers, I grabbed this L’Oreal clay cleanser thinking it was a clay mask because I had just gotten off of a 12 hour day of listening about how Marxist theories relate to mass communications systems and flipping burgers at my part-time job that somewhat helps me pay the bills but barely. Also, I’m kinda dumb and an impulse purchaser and I didn’t notice until my roommate pointed it out when I was showing her my little shoppers haul. Thanks, Mad.

HOWEVER this was a bomb purchase and I love it.

The cleanser is thick and black, like a charcoal clay mask, but when you rub it into your face for a while it turns grey and gets all sudsey and fun. I usually just wash it off with a hot washcloth to help exfoliate my skin while I’m cleansing. It also smells amazing, like not-cheap cologne (I can’t wait until I graduate and I’m no longer surrounded by frat boys named Chad wearing Axe body spray and shotgunning beers in front of one of those “Saturdays are For The Boys” flags) (These are also all of the boys I have ever been attracted to, so I’m one to talk)

I also picked up a clean and clear spot treatment, that really kills it as far as I’m concerned. While my acne has gotten significantly worse since school began, it gets a LOT better when I can find the time/energy/sobriety to actually do my proper skincare routine.

Here’s to hoping I can actually stick with them this time and give you some positive updates soon!



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