I’m back, baby.

Hello, my chickens! Long time, no write. What a weird period of time that was.

I think I’m FINALLY settled into my routine here in Ottawa – I switched majors (kinda), I reconnected with some old friends, and I got a job – I think I’m finally back in a frame of mind where I can start creating more content for you guys.

The coolest thing about being a journalism student is that I’m immersed in media every single day, and I’m learning from the best of the best how to be good at what I do – So I’m always thinking about new ways that I can take what I love and put it forth into the world.

I went through a really long and weird time where I was super unmotivated to do what I love most – writing – and it really messed with me. You guys know I’ve never been shy to talk about my struggles with mental illness, but I’ll talk more about it in a future post if it’s what you guys wanna see – either way, I’m finally GlOwInG again, so it’s time to get this show back on the road.

Recently (and by recently I mean I bought it today) I branched out and bought…. new skincare? I know, I know, I’m just as shook as you are. So stay tuned for an updated skincare routine and a review (or two!)

I also recently got new glasses, so I’ll be making a few posts about  makeup for glasses and outfit ideas – I really want to branch out and start doing more fashion posts on this blog! My style is hella comfy and casual like 9/10 times.

Anyways, I missed having this outlet, and I totally missed you guys, my readers. I know some of you were pretty loyal to me and I’m sorry I ever left, babes.

I’m back and betta than eva.

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