So, if you don’t follow me on Instagram (which, if you’re not, like, wtf?) you’d know that recently I took the trip to Toronto to visit my best friends from university. My hometown (where I’m stationed for the summer) is literally the middle of nowhere in Northern Ontario, and it’s over 8 hours to drive to Toronto.

Naturally, ya girl hopped on a flight. I can’t be away from my girls for that long!

The only places I really fly are to Ottawa, Toronto, and then home from either of those destinations, so i haven’t really had a super long-haul flight. Even in the few hours I’m in the air, my skin haaaaates me (seems to be a trend lately, eh?) Everyone knows that the air in airplanes is super drying, my skin is dry already,  and I like to look cute at literally all times.

Here’s what I pack in my carry on to make sure I look just as glam when I land as I did when I took off.

1. Hand cream

I LOVE this one from bath and body works. Vanilla is almost a signature scent for me at this point, so this scent is perfect. Nobody looks cute with cracked hands. Nobody looks cute with crusty cuticles. Fix it.

2. Contact solution

You ever had hella dry contacts?? Well that’s me every day. I keep contact solution on me at all times and use it like eye drops, so I don’t have to take my contacts out and start serving #LibrarianRealness (in case you didn’t know, I can’t see without my glasses (pretend I said that in the Velma voice, you know what I’m talking about, don’t act like you don’t.)

If you don’t wear contacts, first of all, I’m jealous. Second of all, bring some moisturizing eye drops and thank me later, or risk looking baked as a cake when you land.

3. Lip balm (or a really cute lippie!)

My dear friend Abby gave me this nyx lippie, and I’m obsessed. It’s moisturizing and kinda glossy without being an in-your-face mirror gloss, and the colour is a perfect “my lips but better” shade. It’s a little bit of somethin, but it doesn’t make you look too overdone for your 7 am flight (who has time for a full beat when boarding is at 6:45??)

If you aren’t ridiculous like me and you don’t wear makeup on planes (which, fair.) then just pack a lip balm! I loooooove this one from Nivea.

4. Argan oil or something

If you didn’t know, I recently ombré-d my hair (and I did it myself! Post on that is scheduled, babes, so look out for it 💕)

Basically my hair looks bomb but is SO dry and frizzy from my little home bleach job, and the plane doesn’t help that at all. I put a little bit of argan oil in a flight-friendly container and reapply liberally. LIBERALLY.


There you go babes, all set for your next adventure! What are you packing?

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