Skincare That You Should Def Be Doing Already

After my last post, where I mentioned a scrub that I’ve been using because my skin sucks, I got some Q’s about how I got my skin back to its former, mostly acne-free glory.

Also, I had to get stitches in the tip of one of my fingers yesterday and I just want you all to know how genuinely difficult it is for me to type this. Appreciate me pls.

Let’s get into it!

1. Drink Water

Quelle suprise. But actually, drinking water is the best thing you can do for your body and your skin! hydrate from the inside out, kids, you’ll feel a whole lot better. I can really tell when I’m not downing enough H2O! if you hate the taste add some fruit or something, my go to is lemon because im #basic.

2. Actually do your skincare routine

If you had a bender this past weekend for canada day/the fourth of july (red, white, and blackout by 3 pm, am I right?) then you probably passed out with your makeup on. no shame, we all shotgun beers with our dads while wearing head to toe red and white from time to time. It just happens.

UNLESS youre actually blacking out, dont forget to take off your makeup and wash your face and MOISTURIZE. you’ll hate yourself forever if you’re “just too lazy” … like, every night.

3. Find what works for you and STICK WITH IT.

Coconut oil saved my life. Seriously. I would probably go into a coma without it. However, it breaks my friend out like craaaazy. Just doesn’t work with her skin. Find what works for you – be it skincare, makeup, or what have you, and USE IT – especially if you’re acne prone or if your skin is sensitive!

Coconut oil is a godsend for my dry-to-combo skin, and you already know how I feel about the clean and clear 3 step system! If I get really stubborn spots, I usually put some tea tree oil on them before I go to bed – it usually helps to heal it up overnight!

4. Try to get some sleep

I know you’re no longer pulling an all-nighter to study for finals (unless youre in summer school, in which case, ew, your life sucks.) so you’re probably up at 4 am eating poutine from uber eats after the club (just me? cool.) Maybe don’t do that any more.

5. Show your skin some love

What is your skin telling you? listen to it. If you have a ton of blackheads/whiteheads, do a pore strip (biore, come thruuuuu!) Find a mask to address whatever your issue is – I’m OBSESSED with the GlamGlow Supermud mask, but its a bit pricey – you can DIY a concoction for just about anything (thank you, Pinterest moms!)

Show your skin a bit of TLC a few times a week and it’ll stop looking like youre 13 and just starting to go through puberty again.


This was all super generic stuff but it seriously helps!

I went through another one of those fuzzy periods where I just kinda neglected everything in my life and as such, my skin was PISSED. I think she’s finally on the up and up, boys. Here’s hoping it stays that way!

Do you have any *~*sKiNcArE sEcReTs*~* you wanna tell me? drop a comment! ❤


3 thoughts on “Skincare That You Should Def Be Doing Already

  1. Agree with all of these! Also, try switching to silk pillow cases, and change them every night or every other night! It’ll help with reducing acne, and reduce wrinkles in the future! Silk pillow cases are also amazing for your hair too! x


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