So lately my skin has been sucking. seriously.

It’s been super dull and annoying, even with my dermaplaning regime (which, to update you, is still going pretty well.)

I found the world’s simplest DIY scrub, and I love it. It’s brightening and it makes my skin feel like a baby’s ass.

All you need is equal parts coconut oil and used coffee grounds. Ya just gotta rub it on your face and then rinse it off. That’s seriously all there is to it.

The caffeine in the coffee helps to awaken and brighten your skin, plus its super exfoliating and great. The coconut oil is SO hydrating. I love it. It’s my two fav things in a scrub.

Super quick post, but I just wanted to put something out there for you guys! Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately – work has been kicking my ass, and we all know how I lose motivation when I’m going through a weird depression spell.

Love you guys! ❤

Have you tried this scrub? let me know in the comments!

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