I Tried DIY Dermaplaning: Here’s What Happened 

For those of you unfamiliar, dermaplaning is essentially shaving your face with a tiny lil razor to get rid of hair (like peach fuzz) and dead skin. It’s supposed to leave your skin super smooth and super radiant.

Usually this is done by someone much more qualified than an impulsive 19 year old with a pack of eyebrow razors from Walmart.

This was not one of those times.

My makeup has been wearing weird lately, getting really patchy and just generally annoying. I noticed it really clinging to little peach fuzzies,  which was extra annoying because it’s not like they’re even real hair, like show up properly or don’t show up at all.

Also, I was curious.

I sat down with my little pack of eyebrow razors (not even gonna link them because you can get them anywhere…) and went to town on my face. Seriously.

Obviously there was some redness, but not much more than my typical, mildly-rosaeceaed skin. It did, of course, rip the scab off healing acne, which…. gross, but also, duh.

Also so much dead skin came off on that little razor that I questioned my exfoliator… wyd if u not getting all of the dead skin?

Immediately after though, I was impressed. My skin was smooth. Baby’s butt smooth. Narry a peach fuzz in sight.

The next day I went to work – I had an 8 hour shift surrounded by fryer grease all day, and since it was so warm outside, the kitchen was insanely hot. I was sweating like a sinner in church.

I was surprised to find out that my makeup still looked great and wasn’t patching at all – was it the dermaplaning? Was it the new concealer I got? (ICYMI and you don’t follow me on Twitter, my holy grail hard candy concealer has failed me. Either they got a new formula or I got a bad tube. Either way… trash. Maybelline Master Conceal come thruuuuu) … idk I was impressed tho

Also my skin feels awesome and my acne isn’t as intense!! So far I’m digging this, but you should probably get it professionally done so you don’t slice open your face.

It’s been about three days since I decided it was a good idea to take a razor to my face and so far I’m a fan – it’s been really helping with some problem areas (ie; a few patches of whiteheads that I can’t extract no matter how hard I try) and my makeup has been wearing BEAUTIFULLY. it hasn’t been going patchy and it hasn’t been sliding off my face – even after 8 hour fast food shifts, a bar trip, and the subsequent 3 am burger.

Definitely give this a go if you haven’t already!

Would you shave your own face for the sake of beauty?


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