FaceTune 2: Is It Worth It?

Do you have Instagram?

Of course you do, it’s 2017, my grandmother has Instagram (this isn’t a lie. Baba has a tablet for two things: Words With Friends, and Insta. She luvs it.) (ps; follow mine pls and thank you)

If you’re active on the app, as I assume you are because we’re all millennial trash with nothing better to do (other than prioritize brunch over owning property, of course.) you’ve probably heard of the award-winning app, FaceTune. It makes you look like not trash in your photos, so of course I use it religiously.

What if I told you that FaceTune got a cooler, hotter older brother? That, my friends, is FaceTune 2. And, of course, you can use the free version, or upgrade for a pretty penny ($35? to make myself look like not garbage? Is it worth it? IS IT WORTH IT?)

I did not spend $35 on the upgrade, mostly because I prioritize having gas money over having a selfie editing app, but you do you, boo boo.

Here’s some pretty cool features of FaceTune 2, according to the app’s developers:

– Whiten your teeth
– Widen your eyes and your smile
– Change eye color
– Add eye details & reflections for sparkling eyes

– Swipe over blemishes or wrinkles to remove instantly
– Smooth out skin for a flawless, porcelain look
– Minimize pores and get rid of blackheads
– Cool down skin that’s too red
– Blot away shine on oily skin
– Rejuvenate dull, pale skin with a vibrant glow

– Easily enlarge or minimize features
– Change the light source for perfect lighting
– HDR accents for beautiful details
– Remove shadows or glare caused by harsh lighting
– Ultimate control of temperature, saturation and more
– EZ Compare tool at every step to compare before & after

– Magically replace backgrounds
– Get artistic with a unique prism effect
– Fun, creative and colorful light effects
– Smart, beautiful filters

– Tweak features, smooth skin, whiten teeth *while* you shoot, not after
– Live filters add makeup and beautify your look while you watch”

Seems like a lot, right?

But I actually like this one more than the original FaceTune, and I purchased it (I know, for shame!!!!) but here’s why:

There’s a ton more features that aren’t available on the original FaceTune, even without purchasing any FaceTune2 upgrades, such as the glow feature, which I love bc highlight, duh.

I also like how you can control the intensity of all of the features. I’ll show you a before and after of the most recent pic I posted to Insta, which I edited on FaceTune 2 (I took SO MANY SELFIES for this post and NONE OF THEM TURNED OUT WELL. ZERO. I guess that’s even better because I went from REALLY looking like garbage to like…. kinda okay?)

Basically, here’s what I did:

I smoothed out my skin because I didnt purchase the “heal” function and I had a giant zit on my forehead, but I didn’t want just a patch of smoothness.

I put some glow on my cheekbones, my nose, my inner corner, and my cupids bow – for this I had to zoom in a lot and really tone down the intensity so it didn’t look ridiculous. I also defined my eyes a little more, and used the vibrancy tool to make my hair a little more orange-y.

Overall I kinda like it, but idk if I like it more than the original FaceTune. I think I’ll have to keep playing with it a little more – if you do blogging/social media as your job (which WILL BE ME ONE DAY MARK MY WORDS), then definitely get it and definitely purchase the upgrades, I can see how they would be totally worth it.

I’m also definitely keeping the original FaceTune, because some features on it for some reason are premium on FaceTune 2… I sometimes edit my body to look a little skinnier (WE ALL DO IT, OKAY??) but it really only lets you tweak your face on FaceTune 2.

Because right now blogging/social media is more of a hobby for me, I’m gonna refrain from purchasing the upgrades – though I might feel a little differently when payday rolls around.




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