Wet n’ Wild + L’Oreal First Impressions/Reviews

(Photo Via Wet n’ Wild)

I’m sure you’ve seen aaaalllllll over the internet about the Wet n’ Wild Photo Focus foundation. 

You may have recalled my last drugstore first impressions, where I got a new foundation, concealer, and primer.

After using them for a little bit longer, the only thing I can honestly say I’m still impressed with is the primer.

I’m already out of the Nyx concealer (literally, it didn’t even last me a month), so I just restocked on my holy grail Hard Candy concealer – it’s like $6 and lasts me F O R E V E R, coverage can’t be beat, I’m in love. Sorry I ever strayed from you, bb.

the foundation I picked up in the last haul was okay at best – it oxodizes a lot and I’m not the hugest fan of the coverage. I’m a pale ass b*tch, and I need something that’s as white as I am.

Enter the Photo Focus foundation. Coverage is great, colour is great, it’s cheap as hell.

I also picked up the L’Oreal brow pomade, mostly because I just want a brow pomade. My sister has the Milani one and she LOVES it, but she’s a brunette so I couldn’t really steal hers because I’m a ginger and it would just be weird. So I decided to try the L’Oreal one.

Anyways, at the time I’m writing this, it’s been one day since my 19th birthday (did you see my post 19 Things I’ve Learned In 19 Years?) so you know damn well I’m going OUT TONIGHT. Cue Lil Dicky’s ‘Classic Male Pregame.’

It’s been like 2 days since I wrote that intro because I got too drunk and ended up in my sister’s bed crying at 3 am. Thanks, tequila.

Anyways I’ve used those products every day and so far I’m IN. doing my brows has become pretty quick and painless – the brush the product came with is actually… good? what?

I feel like the product could be a little creamier, but also i feel like if it was any creamier then it wouldn’t look right on your brows, so I guess you gotta pick your battles.

So far though, the L’Oreal brow pomade is a thumbs up. I got mine in blonde, because I’m a ginger and they never make anything for me.

Also, y’all… this FOUNDATION IS UNREAL. I love it. Colour is good, it doesn’t oxidize. I kinda hate the paddle applicator because I hate paddle applicators generally. I would say coverage is medium, but I found that when I tried to build it up it got kinda cakey – maybe that’s because I also put on 9 million pounds of concealer and tried to bake with a dry sponge. Not a good look. Had to restart face. Was almost late to DD my parents from a Stag and Doe before going out myself. Was a mess.

Also I didn’t really take many pictures, but here’s one right before I went out and I was in the car waiting for my parents. I put some of my ELF brow powder (a holy grail for me) on top of my brows because I felt like they needed to be a bit darker, but I didn’t want too much pomade up in there.

Overall I’m pretty impressed with both of these products! S/O to this blog for forcing me to try new things. I’ve been finding some killer drugstore products!

Have you tried these products? Did they work for you? Drop a comment! ♥



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