19 things I’ve learned in 19 years 

It’s my birthday, and I’m legal now, so you know what that means………………. I’m going to the liquor store with my mom because I have 4 friends in my hometown, 3 of them are working all day and the fourth one got her wisdom teeth out yesterday so she can’t really do anything. (Feel better Abby 💕) (Don’t worry; my mom is a blast and she’s probably my favourite person, and my friends and I are going out for dinner when they get off work 😂)

Turning 19 has me thinking… there’s a lot of stuff I’ve learned in my 19 years of breathing, even if I haven’t really done that much in those 19 years. Here’s to another year of screw ups, depression naps, and adding to my quickly growing debt. Hooray!

Here’s 19 things I’ve learned in 19 years:

1. If you keep buying snacks and food that you don’t need, you will not be able to afford your rent.

2. If he promises he won’t hurt you, he probably will. Love him anyways. I promise it’s worth it.

3. Boys are not the centre of the universe (but u can still look at ’em)

4. Try to eat healthy and take care of your body before you gain an unfathomable amount of weight in your first semester of university and it takes a tonsillitis-induced week long fast in order to start shedding pounds.

5. Go to the gym more. Nothing feels better than a good leg press. (Maybe wine and cheese feels better, but that won’t give you a harder kick, will it? How else are you supposed to keep the hoes away?)

6. Don’t beat yourself up for eating something “bad” once in a while – you’re supposed to enjoy food, not hate your life every time you eat.

7. Your girlfriends will always always always be there. Be there for them too. There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing you’re a good friend.

8. Be nice first – then be a bitch. You only have one chance to make a first impression.

9. Your mother was right. I don’t care what it was about. She was right.

10. Your mom will know if you’re lying 4 days before you planned on lying to her. Don’t even try it.

11. Sometimes you have to fall. It’s going to suck. But it’s the only way you’ll learn how to deal with #adulting.

12. Help others as much as you can.

13. Read more – and I mean actual books, not the latest Cosmo (but read that too)

14. Always be willing to learn something new.

15. Don’t beat yourself up about things that you can’t control.

16. If something is bothering you, change it. If you can’t change it, stop letting it bother you.

17. Understand how your actions effect those around you, and to a greater extent, the world.

17a. Use this info to not be a dick

17b. Also use this info to understand that the world would NOT be better off without you.

18. For the love of god – don’t let your demons win. You are much stronger than the voices in your head.

19. Have fun, with whatever you do. If you’re not the most belligerent, the most spirited, and most outrageous, you’re doing it wrong.

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