Holy Grail Every Day Face Products!

(image credit) – I got this from google images and it only linked to this tumblr tag so all credit to the original owner!

I’ve been wearing makeup for… idk, a few years now.

And in that time, I’ve found some stuff that works. Like, REALLY works. I’m whiter than Casper, so this is stuff that works for me.

I’m pretty known for constantly having a full beat face and always looking SUPER glam, so you could say that I wear makeup on a bit of an everyday basis. Here’s some stuff I’ve been using for literally years, some stuff I just discovered but can’t live without, and some stuff I HAVE to repurchase.

Here’s the face edition, with eyes and lips to come soon!


The Clean and Clear 3 Step System


Primer: I haven’t found a holy grail juuuuust yet, but I am a HUGE fan of silicone-based primers. The Smashbox Photo Ready is a cult favourite and I loved my sample, but I’ve yet to get my hands on a full sized version.

Foundation: Rimmel London Lasting Finish

I’ve repurchased the Rimmel Lasting Finish like 7 times now – it works perfectly with my skin and is just the right coverage for me.

Seeing red (and a flawless, radiant complexion). ❤️

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Concealer: Hard Candy Glamoflauge

Nothing beats the coverage of the Glamoflauge for me – it’s more accessible for me than the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye and the coverage and shade is perfect for me. Plus it lasts f o r e v e r.

Powder: Cover Girl Professional Loose Powder

I’ve used this one for years – no loose powder can compare. I usually use a loose powder because I feel like it locks my shit in place a lot better! It lowkey smells kind of like a grandma but I also kind of like it? Also you can find this in every single drugstore in the history of ever and I think even the dollar store but apparently you can’t get it on Covergirl’s website

Also pro tip: if you know you won’t be around flash photography, buy it a shade too dark and mix it with baby powder. You’re gonna get some flashback so don’t take any flash photos if you use this technique, but it’ll help your powder last for miiiiiiiiles.

Also lowkey it’s been around for so damn long that Cover Girl doesn’t have a pic of it on it’s insta lol here’s a pic of some other Cover Girl powders.

Bronzer: Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette 

Okay… so to bronze/contour/highlight I actually use a bunch of weird stuff that you pretty much can’t find online (wait for it… to highlight, I literally use Halloween makeup because it’s the only powder that’s white enough!), but I sometimes use my roommate’s Shade + Light to get my contour, bronzer, and highlight all knocked out in one palette. I love it. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of my own.

Blush: Too Faced Papa Don’t Peach

You already know – I did a review on the Papa Don’t Peach blush and I’ve been obsessed ever since.

Highlighter: Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter in “Blinded By The Light”

Yet another product I discovered doing a review on my blog is the Love Light highlighter by Too Faced – I am OBSESSED and wear this every day now. I also can’t get over all of the 80’s song references in the Too Faced product names.

Setting Spray: Pixi By Petra Makeup Fixing Mist

This stuff smells UNREAL and primes/sets. I am a fan. I love it.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your holy grails? ♥

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