BULLETPROOF LIPSTICK? Testing out Lipsense!

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I’m sure you’ve seen that video where a woman puts a purple shade on her lower lip and a red on the top and rubs her lips together, and neither lipstick budges.

I was intrigued – I knew I had to get my hands on the stuff and test it out for my readers (don’t forget to check out this AWESOME distributor if you’re from the Sault Ste. Marie area!)

It’s a bit of a learning curve – honestly, I thought this product seemed a little gimmicky at first, but OH MY GOD, you guys.

Your kit will come with the colour, their Glossy Gloss (which is essentially to be used as a lip balm) and the Oops! Remover (yes – this is so heavy duty it comes with a REMOVER.) The starter kit is $67 and it comes with all of these products – from there its $30 for the colour, $25 for the gloss, and $12 for the remover – so, basically, everything at Sephora, ever.

A few cons: It’s super tedious to apply (it took quite a few thin layers to get the right colour payoff, but if you go in too thick it can flake off)  and it was a super weird feeling on my lips when I first applied – but that’s because the product’s first ingredient is alcohol! The weird feeling went away as soon as I put on the gloss.

Another thing is that if you realllllyyyyy want the product to work, you can’t really use anything else – Lipsense stays PUT because it’s wax-free, so if you use any other lipstick or lip balm, it could flake off as your lips start shedding the wax – here’s some tips from Lindsay, the SSM distributor:

“When you put it on make sure your lips are clean and completely dry. Shake that bottle like crazy. Wipe off the applicator brush on the side of the tube so it looks like there’s almost nothing there- thin layers are key. Keep your lips tight and apart the whole time- don’t touch them together or rub them. 3 thin layers drying in between each. Swipe the color on your lip in 1 direction, don’t go back and forth or else it’ll be streaky. After the 3 color layers are dry you can go crazy with the gloss and then rub your lips together!”

A bit of a process but… oh my god you guys.

The colour that I got, however, was STUNNING. I chose the shade blu-red because I really wanted to see if it would last, and a bold red is the perfect way to do it, and you guys… it works. It literally works.

I put it to the test by wearing it through my ENTIRE Saturday – including a 7 hour shift (I work fast food, so I’m surrounded by fryer grease and such all day. I’m known for going full glam at all times, however, so nobody really blinked when I showed up with a bright red lip.) For legal reasons (as per my employer’s media policies) I can’t say where exactly I work, so unless you know me IRL and you’ve seen me flippin’ burgers you’re hard pressed to figure it out.

This also held up through a party and a ton of coffee/greasy food.

Ps; I was given this product for free to test out and share with my readers but all views are my own! 💋

Here’s how it looked when I first applied at 2 pm in my garbage bedroom lighting while still wearing my boyfriends sweater that I slept in:

And here’s how it looked at 2:02, while I was eating a cookie that is definitely NOT part of my diet:

Here’s how it looked at 2:04 after I hated myself sufficiently:

3 pm, eating cereal and realizing how extra I’m going to look serving Cheryl Blossom realness at my fast food job while my sister judges me

3:44 pm in the parking lot at work reevaluating my life

7 pm, eating disgustingly fattening food on my break. Received many compliments on the lip colour

10:50 PM, sitting in my driveway after getting sent home early #bless … ZERO reapplications since 2 pm!

11:45 pm in my friends bathroom after 3/4 of a bottle of wine

12:20 am, still no reapplications. Drunk as hell. 

Me: drunk as heck st 1:32 am after eating McDonald’s:

Overall I am INSANELY impressed with this lipstick – it lasted me for 13.5 hours without a single reapplication and stayed perfect. I can’t handle this. I want every colour now (@ Lindsay, shoot me a message!)

Have you tried this lipstick? What do you think of it?

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