Too Faced Love Light First Impressions/Review

HELLO! It’s been a damn while, hasn’t it? Exams are finally over and I’m all unpacked at my parent’s house to visit them for the summer. I really think being home and getting settled back in has really been helping with my mental health and I’m finally in a good head space to start writing again. I have VERY exciting post featuring a really cool and unique lip brand coming in the next few weeks (and I’ve collaborated with a local distributor for all of my SSM readers!) so make sure you check it out!

Speaking of being home… my boyfriend Peter and I are officially long distance for the 4 months of summer. He lives in Toronto, and I live in Sault Ste. Marie, an 8 hour drive away. So how do you remind your girlfriend how much you love her from 8 hours away? In Peter’s mind, sending her a Sephora order. Yes – he’s that wonderful.

One of the things he sent me was the Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter (what a damn mouthful) in Blinded By The Light and y’all… Too Faced is on a ROLL.

If you haven’t seen my previous Too Faced first impression, you can check it out here.

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a Too Faced fiend. I’ve used the Chocolate Bar Palette every. Single. Day. since I got it for my 17th birthday… for reference, I’m turning 19 next month. That’s almost 2 years with my original palette, and I’ts still kickin’

My friend also recently got the Natural Love eye shadow collection and I must say, I think it’s going to be my next investment (s/o to Madi for letting me use it every time we go out!)

I already had high hopes for this highlighter, and it definitely delivered.

First of all, the packaging is precious – It’s in Too Faced’s classic heart shape, and it’s a mirrored champagne colour – because of the mirroring of the package I could nooooottttt get a picture that looked half decent. That’s my bad.

BUT in the pan….


oh. my. god. I was worried to use this because I didn’t wanna fuck it up.

I put it alllll over my face because ya girl loves a strong glow… It absolutely SNATCHED my nose contour, made my cupids bow pop, and gave my cheekbones a gorgeous glow – not quite a Nikkie blind, but it’s DEFINITELY there and its definitely poppin’


(ps – my bedroom in my parent’s house is in the basement and that’s why this is so warm toned – its artificial light. blah. I’m working on finding a lighting set up that works for me here!)

Anyways – long story short – 5 stars for this highlighter. Pigmented, gorgeous colour, easy to use. Obsessed. Pick it up here! 

Have you tried this highligher? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments! ♥

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