Top 5 Exam Tips


Exam season is here and it is in full swing. In between snorting lines of caffeine pills and resisting the urge to launch myself out the window, I’ve been blogging to keep myself sane. (that being said, I’m going to Montreal in 2 days, so the next post will be late, but it will be a sort of travel log of my time in Montreal for the Eastern Canada Ringette Championships! Go team Ontario!)

I don’t have my first exam for another week, so I have a little bit of time before the sheer panic takes over. Time that I would apparently rather use to write a blog post than study for intermediate French.

Here’s some of my favourite tips to make exams a little less painful – with some awesome study inspo instagrams that you can check out to get inspired to get working!

1. Don’t leave all of your studying until the last possible second

I find it so much less overwhelming if I give myself about a week before to study for my exams – of course, you could always give yourself even more time. That way, you can study a new concept each day, and then review the closer you get to your exam. It’s much less overwhelming and stressful if you give yourself a little bit of time to chill out. Planning seriously saves everything.

2. Give yourself breaks

Marathon study sessions might seem tempting, but you probably won’t do as well or remember as much as if you broke things down into smaller, more manageable chunks. Since my first two exams fall on the same day, I’ve been splitting my time between the two – when I’m done studying a concept for one class, I give myself a 15 minute social media break before moving on to my next subject.


3. Find what music helps you focus the best, and fricken listen to it.

What I listen to when I study usually depends on my mood, but generally speaking, something soothing and without words will help you focus a lot better – classical playlists on Spotify are your friend.

If I’m studying with my roommate, usually we listen to some chill, relaxing music – Hozier is our favourite. If I’m on my own and I need to get a little more energized, I listen to pop punk (currently playing: “Cute Without the ‘E’ ” by Taking Back Sunday. Follow my Spotify to see what else I’ve been loving!) If I’m with some of my other friends, we listen to pop. It all depends how you work best!

4. Try to make your notes cute

With this one you’re probably like “what the fuck,” but you’re going to want to look at something that’s more aesthetically pleasing. Also, I find that I focus more on what I’m doing if I’m trying to make sure my notes look good.

biology or social science? scientists can't tell the difference

A post shared by jasmine (@studyquill) on

5. Switch it up

Something as simple as going to a new corner of the library will help you focus a little better. Something that me and my friends like to do is find new coffee shops to sit in (of course, one off-campus Starbucks is our favourite) since we all just moved to Ottawa in September. Not only do you get to discover new places in your city, but people watching makes for a pretty good time on a study break.

There you have it! My top 5 Exam tips, as well as some cool study inspo Instagrams you can check out!

Do you have any exam tips? drop a comment below! ❀

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