Plan with Me: Bullet Journal routine + my current layouts!

I’ll be honest with you… I fell completely in love with bullet journaling. My wonderful boyfriend, Peter, got me a new journal for Valentine’s Day, because he knows how much I love to write – instead of using it for more depressing poems, which was my initial instinct, I decided to finally dive into bullet journaling – and I haven’t looked back since.

This is gonna be a long post, so maybe grab yourself a cup of coffee or a snack – I fricken LOVE my bullet journal and I’ll probably have a hard time shutting up about it.

Until I started with a bullet journal, my entire life was completely consumed with finding the PERFECT planner – I needed one that was cheap, but still cute, and still well made, and still had everything I was looking for (which was an incredibly long and demanding list, which was impossible to find while still being cheap and cute.) Enter: bullet journal – a DIY planner that has everything I want because it’s just… blank. and it’s all I could ever ask for.

I use a combination of daily + weekly layouts, and since I’ve started my journal, I only have one monthly – for April. I try to switch things up a little as I go along, but the basic idea has remained the same.

I have page flags that are colour coordinated – the blue ones are my monthly and weekly layouts, purple is my daily, pink is a list of blog post ideas (so I always know where to go when I need some inspo to plan for the week ahead!) and the green is a “year in pixels” – well, the rest of the year, since I started it near the end of March.

I sit down every Saturday to plan out the next week, and then every evening to plan out my next day. I find it incredibly relaxing (except when my pen smears, which it basically always does) but it also helps to keep me in a good frame of mind. I keep my journal open to my weekly spread on my desk so I can check it out every morning and make sure I’ve got my shit together – I see what’s going on for the week, what my goals are, and log my sleep. Then I flip to my daily to check out my to do list, and I plan my day accordingly.

Here’s my journal – I’m super into gold and also super into marble, so this one is perfect.


you can get it here – it’s on sale (50% off!)

Right now I have my monthly layout condensed to one page, though I think I might make it a spread.

In the top left corner I have a calendar with every day that I have something happening highlighted, and then a list of what all those things are right below it. I cross them out as they go along! Then on the right I have a monthly to do, goals list, and motivation: because I have exams this month and I needed it! It says “you don’t want to look back and know you could have done better.” In my really shitty and messy cursive 🙂


Then for the weekly – This is last weeks, because I thought it looked better than my weekly layout for this week.


On the right, I have just a layout of the days of the week, where I can really put whatever I want, or any of the major events for those days. Then, on the right side, I have a list of what was due that week, a plan for what I posted on this blog, and a little “notes” section where I could right whatever I really wanted. Then I have my trackers – one for water, one for sleep. (for water I have it going up to 5 because my water bottle holds about 2 glasses of water – so I’m still getting my recommended 8, don’t worry!) and a tracker for sleep, which I totally forgot to update. I then have my weekly goals list, and another quote – this one says “you did not wake up today to be mediocre.” One thing that this journal has really helped with is improving my cursive!

Now for the dailies: some days, these are awesome. Others, I was rushed and they look like ass. I tried to take a picture of my most recent actually nice ones.


I try to keep them consistent throughout the week so it’s more aesthetically pleasing, and I usually have two per page. What’s nice about the bullet journal system is that you don’t start the next day until the previous one is finished, so you have as much space as you want to write whatever you want in. What I usually have every day, though, is a to do list, what the weather will be like, my classes for that day, and some coffee cup doodles, to keep track of how many cups of coffee I had that day. Some days everything is really messy, some days it’s really neat. Usually it’s in between.

Then there’s the legend, which is super important. I barely use half the shit that’s on there but, you know, it’s a system. What’s most important is the ones for task, event, and appointment, and then the system for completed, migrated, or cancelled. This helps me to prioritize things better – If I’ve noticed a task has been migrated throughout the week, I usually just cancel it – It’s clearly not going to get done.


I like how you can see my knee and my phone charging cable in the bottom of that photo – it adds character.

Getting a bullet journal has seriously been the best decision of my life so far and I can’t recommend it enough! What’s cool about it is that you can really do anything with it that you want – you can be super creative or you can be chill, you can use it as a planner or for a diary or for whatever your heart desires.

Do you have a bullet journal?

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