Treat Yo’ Self: A Guide To Self Care

As I write this, the last week of classes has officially begun. As soon as this week is over, I’ll be in an exam-induced panic until the end of April, studying every second I’m awake. I’m even taking my notes with me on my trip to Montreal next week… because I have 2 exams the day after I get back 🙂

One thing that’s important to keep in mind, whether it’s exams or just every day, is to take care of yourself and make sure your head space is all clear. Stressful times like this can easily lead to some serious mental damage, and you’ll do much better on your finals if you don’t, you know, pass out from exhaustion first.

Here’s a list of some of my favourite self-care ideas, that help to center me and keep me in a good frame of mind! Hope you find these helpful!

  1. Take a hot bath (or shower, if you’re like me and you’re stuck in a dorm!)
  2. Try a face mask (I love this one from GlamGlow!)
  3. Escape with a TV show (Riverdale, anyone?)
  4. Paint your nails (Essie’s Ladylike is especially good for this time of year!)
  5. Write in a journal (writing in my bullet journal is my favourite way to relax after a long day!)
  6. Have a cup of tea (I’m personally more of a coffee person, but tea is great at calming me down!)
  7. Hit the gym (who doesn’t feel better after a good sweat sesh?)
  8. Take a nap (no better way to deal with life, honestly.)
  9. Clean/declutter (nothing feels better than a clean space!)
  10. Read a good book or magazine
  11. Take a walk
  12. Put on a happy song and dance around
  13. Watch a good movie (anything with Ryan Reynolds usually works for me…)
  14. Colour (those adult colouring books are seriously awesome, or you could try this app!)
  15. meditate or do yoga (nothing quite like aligning your chakras)

I think I’ll keep adding to this list as I keep finding new ways that I like to make sure I’m taking care of myself! What are your favourite methods of self care?

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