Ontario Road Trip Bucket List

With the school year ending soon, the only thing on my mind isn’t exams (sorry, profs, I’m still recovering from midterms) but it’s how great it’s going to feel when I move home for the summer and have access to a car again. And the one thing on my mind when I have an open highway and a steering wheel is where it’s gonna take me and my friends.

Here’s the 5 places in my home province that I’d love to hit with my squad this summer (ladies, I know you’re reading this. Carve out some time. It’s happening.)

  1. Niagara-On-The-Lake

I totally know what you’re thinking if you’re from this area – why?

really quick and simple answer: wine. I turn 19 this spring, so this summer will be filled with winery tours. We don’t have a lot of that in Northern Ontario – not like they do in Niagara, at least. If I’m going to live my adult life with nothing but wine and reality television, I want to know my shit.

Image result for niagara on the lake winery


2.  Tobermory/Bruce Peninsula Provincial Park

This one is super easy to get to from my home town, because you can quickly take a ferry from Manitoulin Island to Tobermory. I went once a few years ago with my family and it’s seriously the cutest little town, ever. Don’t @ me.

Plus, who WOULDN’T want to go swimming in the Georgian Bay Grotto? It’s not too far from Tobermory and so, so, so cute.

Image result for bruce peninsula grotto


3. Webster’s Falls, Hamilton

Considering my hometown is in the middle three great lakes and there’s a ton of hiking and all that jazz, I really haven’t seen that many waterfalls. Not any nice ones at least. There’s probably many around my area, but then I wouldn’t be able to spend a week in a shady motel with my girlfriends, so… priorities.

Webster’s Falls in Hamilton are hailed as the nicest falls in the area – and with an area of over 100 waterfalls, these must be pretty damn special.

Image result for webster's falls


4. Stratford

Bieber, where u at?

In all seriousness, I’ve been to Stratford a handful of times, and I absolutely love it.  The theatre festival and the swans and everything else about the town all just call to me. Probably one of my favourite places to spend a summer afternoon – plus it’s close to the hometowns of some of my friends from uni, so a nice little summer reunion would be lovely.

Image result for stratford ontario


5. Wasaga Beach

who, from Ontario, hasn’t been to Wasaga Beach? Oh, just me? Cool.

Image result for wasaga beach



@ my mom, keys, please!

Where are you heading this summer? drop a comment below!

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