Makeup for Glasses

So, essentially, I'm blind as a bat. Like, actually. Ask any of my friends. Until recently, I wore contacts almost every day - that is, until I got frames that I actually like to wear. Now I wear my glasses much more than I wear my contacts - I feel like they make me look [...]

Big Lashes For When Falsies Just Seem Like The Most Effort You Could Possibly Put In To Anything Ever.

There is nothing in this life that I love more than big lashes Ok, maybe KJ Apa. But ridiculously hot gingers aside, I love me some good spider lashes. My problem, dear readers, is that I'm too broke to get extensions, and I don't have the time or patience to put on falsies every morning [...]

I’m A Mess and My Life’s a Mess: Here’s My New Skincare Routine

Okay so BASICALLY, as you can tell by how inactive I've been, my life is on that classic downward spiral that every college/university student goes through of intense irresponsibility and neglect. If you've been following my blog for a while you'd know I'm a FAN of the Clean and Clear 3 step system. Recently, I [...]

I’m back, baby.

Hello, my chickens! Long time, no write. What a weird period of time that was. I think I'm FINALLY settled into my routine here in Ottawa - I switched majors (kinda), I reconnected with some old friends, and I got a job - I think I'm finally back in a frame of mind where I [...]